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We give you all the keys to properly store your wine and set up your future cellar.

London City Vintners

Why have a wine cellar?
Aging is an absolutely necessary and essential step in order to appreciate a bottle of wine at its true value.

Why store your wine at theLondon City Vintners?Six Criteria Are Mandatory to Keep Wine in Perfect Conditions:

Absence of Odor
Absence of Vibration and
Air Renewal

If only one is missing, your wines will eventually deteriorate irreversibly.

In addition to the exceptional natural characteristics of our storage, we rely on the latest technology to guarantee the all criteria and in particular avoid rotting of boxes, boxes and labels as well as the proliferation of odor.

Wine storage in a warehouses in ideal conditions

As the wine ages, it undergoes many changes and it is largely the storage conditions of the bottles that will have a primary impact on its qualitative properties. London City Vintners provides the below features to store your wine.


We ensure our clients that the requested bottles are in our hands, have been thoroughly reviewed and are quickly available.


In conserving and storing all our bottles, we take extra precaution. In all cases, storage conditions are ideal for

Quick Response

When anything needs our clients and vendors to move quickly, our team is always attentive.


Light aeration maintains the air 's purity and facilitates the essential and enigmatic exchanges between the outer world and the bottle's interior.


The stability of the wine is disrupted by noises, sounds and smells. When the bottles sleep, the galleries dug in the chalk guarantee absolute calm.


Too humid, speeding up the ageing of the wine. Too cold, it's numb chemistry. The optimum storage temperature is 12 ° C. All year round, it reigns naturally in the chalk pits.

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