Bordeaux wine

With More Than Two Thousand Years of Common Heritage, Bordeaux Has Become the World’s Wine City. Bordeaux Wine Remains Forever Connected to the History of Its Region and Is a Premium Model Exported Worldwide.

Burgundy Wines

Each Wine Region in France Has Its Own Classification of Wines. in Burgundy, the Notion of Terroir Is Very Important, Because It Is the Soil That Gives the Wine Its Name (In Alsace, It Is the Grape Variety, in Bordeaux, It Is the Winery …).

USA Wine Market

The United States Is One of the Top Corporations in the World in Terms of Wine Distribution and Ranks 2nd in Terms of Imports in Terms of Revenue and 3rd in Terms of Production.

Global Wine Investments

Investing in wine is an investment of growing interest, in particular because investors have found that the valuation of wine and the equity of the wine industry has tolerated the unprecedented fall of the markets in the face of the coronavirus pandemic very well.

Investing in Wine

The wine market

Although wine was just a consumer commodity in the past, things have changed a lot. Although it is clear that wines continue to be consumed, today’s wines are also excellent investment niches, especially in our country, where French wines enjoy an outstanding reputation worldwide. The wine and spirits industry, long considered an obscure sector reserved only for connoisseurs, has become more democratic in recent years and technical expertise is no longer as important as it may have been in the past.

One of the peculiarities of the demand for wine and spirits is that there are no fluctuations unique to the stock market. However, on the Liv-Ex Fine Wine Exchange, where quantities are continuously increasing, the wine has its own share price. The Liv-Ex 50 and Liv-Ex 100 indices are the references in this field. There are a variety of legitimate arguments for investing in wine.

Message from London City Vintners

We thrive in making fine wines that enrich the taste&soul.

Message from London City Vintners

We are a new Generation of Winemakers

London city vintners is a new generation of professionals in the procurement and selling of Bordeaux cru class wine and exclusive access to exclusive vintages from the finest vineyards in the region.

With perfection, zeal and creativity, we carry on the tradition of Bordeaux and offer joy and emotion to wine lovers around the world.

We lead them through the development and success of their wine cellar and give them access to top vineyards with a guarantee of origins.


Current release

London City Vintners

Wine investments are a chance to take advantage of a commodity that is near to your heart. Investing has never been simpler and more enjoyable if you concentrate on an area of special interest to you.

However, investing in wine varies considerably from other forms of investment. In addition, there are several different choices for investing in wine, though not all of them are appropriate for all profiles.

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Exclusive Opportunities

First, investing in wine allows you to think outside the box of traditional investment paths by focusing on an area that is close to your heart. It is always interesting to turn to other products such as wine.

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