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Why choose En Primeur?

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The Principle of En Primeur

The principle of En Primeur wine sales is simple: it involves buying the wine before it is bottled by the producer and receiving it two years later. The advantage of this sale is that it is possible to acquire a grand cru for between 10 and 30% less than its real price, which is a huge saving for some of Bordeaux’s great wines. En Primeur wines are therefore often the prerogative of the grand’s crus, which quickly become inaccessible. But it is also a sales technique used by certain vineyards that only produce small quantities. It’s a sale where everyone can see what’s going on: the producer earns money even before bottling and the customer buys wines at a reasonable price.

Wines from Direct Producers

What are the advantages of buying En Primeur wines?

One of the main advantages of buying En Primeur wines is their authenticity. You can enquire about the itinerary of your wines to guarantee the origin and provenance of the wines. It is preferable to go for wines from direct producers. In some cases, you will have the opportunity to visit the vineyard to apprehend the quality of the wines. Buying Bordeaux En Primeur wines guarantees that the wines are obtained in original wooden cases. You can order a case for 6 or 12 bottles. Some suppliers can ensure home delivery to save you additional travel time. By opting for an En Primeur vintage, you ensure the quality of your event. Indeed, this is a wine that is highly recommended for a special celebration. Buying En Primeur has several advantages. You will have access to highly sought-after vintages at interesting and less expensive prices. You can build up your cellar by favouring wines of good reputation. The purchase of En Primeur wines can be made directly at the property or at a specialised wine merchant. However, it is preferable to prioritise a reputable supplier to ensure the quality of the wines.

Taste of Piquette

Buying En Primeur

Firstly, a cellar: if the wine is badly kept, even the greatest cru can have a taste of piquette. Secondly, patience: it is often necessary to wait several years (between five and ten years) before reselling the bottles bought En Primeur. The older the bottle, the more its value increases, even more so as it becomes rarer and rarer as the years go by. Some are then sold, depending on their vintage. En Primeur sales are therefore very profitable, even if sales more than a thousand euros are quite rare.

But there are risks because it is impossible to taste the wine before buying it En Primeur. So, you must trust a handful of privileged people who share their advice on the great vintages that are in the pipeline. It’s a risky bet, since a harvest may not produce a great wine, and therefore end up at a lower selling price than the one paid En Primeur. It is also important to have a minimum knowledge of oenology, since some wines have peak dates: the time when they will be the best and when their price will be the highest. Investing in En Primeur wines is therefore interesting, but it is necessary to be a minimum prepared.

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