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A Good Opportunity to Fill Your Cellar

To find the right bottles, not everyone has the requisite expertise, so this might actually be a bad idea for others. Especially when you have to know the rules of the game if you are buying wine for an investment purpose. “Wine is a delicate commodity that is difficult to store. If you want to invest in wine and create your own cellar, there are certain rules to be followed.

Here are the key rules to know for those who would like to get started. You’ve got to buy bottles of different vintages to ease the risks, since some take longer to value than others.

The bottles must be kept in good condition (at a good temperature and at a good level of humidity). Otherwise, “the cork will dry out and the wine will evaporate, resulting in a discount on the price of the bottle’s resale.


How do I invest in wine?

Investing in Wine: Advice to Adopt

Investing in wine takes patience and diligence. Cyclical and long-term business, its rate of return is difficult to predict. While some vintages show strong profitability, others have values that are too stable to hope for interesting capital gains.

Investing in wine is a little like going public: like a shareholder, a wine investor buys the best investment bottles and resells them by free estimates. As with stocks, there are wine indices and quotations that allow investors to track the market and to evaluate the auction market.


Wine is A luxury commodity and a great pride in french gastronomy, the wine market has become an environment that attracts investors, amateurs as well as confirmed, in Europe and all over the world, attracted by the unparalleled prestige of local vintages and numerous investment opportunities: international wines, organic wines, the richness of french regions, spirits, etc. A special investment, to say the least, is a versatile investment, adorned with the volatility of the financial markets. In comparison to the real estate market. It is subject to very little taxation.

The Provenance

We buy our cases from reputable traders (direct estates, experienced wine traders, sales experts)

Storage conditions

To enhance the value of your wine we protect it to guarantee its conservation and for security issues.

The rating

Maintain a balanced distribution of regions. A good third for Bordeaux, with wines that have little volume like Pomerol. Another third in Burgundy wines. As for the rest.

Balance of the Regions

Maintain a balanced distribution of regions. A good third for Bordeaux, with Another third in Burgundy wines. As for the rest.

Volume Matters

Ideally, you can buy your wine in two ways. One for ageing, the other for daily testing, as the taste profile of a wine varies from year to year.

Wine Taxation

When a natural individual sells cases or bottles, the profits from disposals are subject to the tax regime for movable property.

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