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When most consumers think of American wine, Napa valley is probably the first region that comes to mind. The Napa valley appellation is perhaps the most prestigious in California, if not the whole of the united states, however, there are many other regions within and outside the state.

Welcome to the land of grape varieties

The state where the grape variety is king, wine and industry. One can realise that the codes are not the same by trying to decipher the labels of Californian wines. The name of the grape exists roughly as the area of production (here the Napa valley) is read in small print, so significant in Europe. The key aspect of this movement that has been able to embrace the rest of the modern world is a cultivar varietal, so simple to understand.

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Napa Valley with a popularity around the world

The Californian vineyard spreads across a long stretch of land 2000 km between Mondocino County in the north and San Diego in the south at the same latitude as Spain or North Africa and is split into five regions: the North Coast, the Southern Coast, the South Coast, the Central Valley (from Monterey in the south to San Francisco Bay in the north) and the Sierra Foothills. Although the picture seems to be an arid field on the hillside, planted with tall vines, several vineyards have achieved worldwide prominence. “First, the Central Coast that extends from San Francisco to Santa Barbara with the approximately 19,000 ha Monterey vineyard; North Coast with top-of-the-range viticulture that encompasses not only the legendary Napa Valley (18,200 ha in 2014) but also the so-called” Provence of California “and Mendocino Sonoma Country (22,000 ha).


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