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The production and the numerous foreign exchanges of wines are not without great evolution. Today, wine is one of the few consumer goods that continues to rise and to increase demand.

Investing in Wine

Why make investments in the wine market?

With rising consumption, the world wine market is doing very well. For a long time , Europe has been a pioneer in this region. Thanks to several factors, the demand is solid. There are more than 60 wine departments in France, covering three major wine categories: still wines, champagne and spirits. France has regulations that represent the entire output, distribution and consumption cycle.

The output quality is regulated at several levels. Unlike other producing countries, Europe benefits from know-how and environmental advantages which enable rich and relatively stable production. It is for these various reasons that it is an enticing investment to invest in a wine. However, in order to make sure it meets your standards, it will be important to carefully research the characteristics of the vineyard.

Investing in wine

A direct investment

Wine investment remains overwhelmingly concentrated in the major French markets of Bordeaux and Burgundy, while the Rhône and Champagne regions, as well as Italy, are increasingly attracting the attention of customers.

It is now now possible to invest in a wine fund, which is a liquid and affordable option to benefit from the rise in wine prices, and which allows for improved diversification, for example through a portfolio that could include selections from Bordeaux, Burgundy and other great wines from around the world.

Our Wine Cellars

Investment in wine directly with its bottles in cellars

Investing in wine and managing it at home, in his own cellar, is quite a pleasant idea However, it is difficult to store bottles at home. Indeed, in addition to the problem of lack of space, it is also important to know that when investing in perishable products, also wine, certain storage conditions must be observed for the wine to age properly. Thus, if the wine is not stored at the right temperature, with a humidity of 70-75%, and if the bottles are not maintained properly, then the investment will lose its value. This is why there are spaces where individuals can store their wines. 

Some wineries are made open to individuals and specialists so that they can store their wines in the finest possible conditions. Every individual has a personal space in which they can add or remove bottles when they want, just like they’re at home.

London City Vintners

The Vineyard

Our team is made up of passionate experts who share a shared objective of ongoing quality research. The vines are produced according to a method of cultivation called “integrated production” which respects the environment and gives a decisive role to the work of the winegrower.


The Grapes Varietals

Our Winemakers Have the Flexibility to Produce Diverse Varieties and Special, Expressive Blends. Vineyards planted in large areas , especially in France, where pedo-climatic conditions are particularly favourable for planting, then form a vineyard, a term reserved for grapes intended for wine production. Table grapes, consumed fresh or frozen, do not come from the same species of vine, and smaller plantings do not specifically constitute a vineyard. They are also the fruit of Vitis vinifera, the varieties of which are innumerable.

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